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    How accessible is your website? How does the current state of social media stack up in terms of accessibility?  This online presentation will provide practical information on how libraries can make their websites accessible and how to make social media more accessible by recommending third party tools for users as well as best practices for library staff who are content creators for library social media.

    Presenters: Walei Sabry NYC & Willa Armstrong, NYPL

    Recorded presentation on May 5, 2021

    Laura Solomon for Infopeople 

    Gain an understanding of which guidelines are used to measure website accessibility in the United States, and how to begin to evaluate your own library's site for potential issues. 

    Topics for this webinar include:

    • What accessibility means in a web context, and how it differs from web usability
    • Legal issues surrounding web accessibility and how these can affect libraries;
    • National and international standards commonly used for accessibility evaluations, and which to use, when
    • An introduction to automated validators and what they can and cannot do;
    • Actual code examples for both good and bad implementations of some common HTML elements

    This pre-recorded presentation is from the Adult and Information Services meeting on November 12, 2020

    This pre-recorded presentation provides concrete examples of how Linked Data is enhancing patrons' discovery of library materials today using tool like Google and an explanation of how library staff can use existing linked data tools to enhance the library's own web services.

    Adult and Information Services meeting January 21, 2021 presentation on Patron Authentication Options

    Maureen McDonald - Special Projects Supervisor

    Ellen Nasto - Technology & Electronic Resources Supervisor

    Nicole Turzillo - ILS System Administrator

    This pre-recorded presentation is from the Adult and Information Services meeting on February 11, 2021.  The presenters discuss the Plain Sight Project


    Andrea Meyer, Long Island Collection, East Hampton Library
    David Rattray, Editor, East Hampton Star

    We can’t predict the future, yet we do it all the time. We organize events, trips, projects, days, weeks, and years. We plan to buy a home, build a career, learn to dance, teach a class, or get in shape. Our ability to model the world as it is and might be is a gift, but mental time travel is also really hard. Fortunately, since planning is a skill, everyone from playful improviser to rigorous planner can improve, and that’s the aim of this talk. Along the way, we’ll cover: the principles and practices of nonlinear planning; how to grow and sustain hope with willpower and waypower; when to pivot or persist with paths, goals, values, and metrics; how artificial intelligence is poised to transform what we plan; and the relationship between planning and information architecture. If you hate planning, maybe you’re doing it wrong.  Learn how to organize the future by balancing chaos and control, and  find the best way to do so for you. 
    Speaker: Peter Morville. 

    Recorded presentation on April 6, 2021

    Janie Hermann for Infopeople 

    As libraries closed their physical spaces in response to COVID-19 and CDC recommendations for physical distancing, library staff pivoted quickly to transform their services and to move public programming to digital platforms. Creating and hosting meaningful and engaging programs in a virtual environment provides many unique opportunities to engage audiences in new ways. However, it also presents a new set of challenges.


    Samantha DiGiacomo, Head of Adult Services from Port Jefferson Public Library, will discuss how the library's newly implemented online reference service using phone and chat is working. She will describe the roll out and challenges they have faced in the last week .

    Elizabeth Malafi Coordinator for Adult Services and the Miller Business Center Middle Country Public Library will discuss best practices for taking programming online.

    This course is the first in our EDI and Social Justice series.  This module covers specific terms that will be used through this series of workshops.

    Professional Development 1/2 Hour

    This course is the second in our EDI Social Justice series.  Learn what implicit bias is and how that effects diversity, equity and inclusion.

    Professional Development 1/2 Hour

    This course is the third in our EDI Social Justice series.  We will delve deeper into defining what diversity means and how does inclusion relates to diversity.

    Professional Development 1/2 Hour

    The forth in our JEDI training series, this microaggressions training provides library examples and tips to help you avoid perpetrating a microaggression.

    Professional Development 1/2 Hour

    This course is the fifth in an EDI Social Justice series. Learn the definition and explore examples of systemic racism.

    Professional Development 1/2 Hour

    This is the sixth (and final) training in this EDI Social Justice series.  Terms will be reviewed as well as how to continue your personal growth.

    Professional Development 1/2 Hour

    This course is the first in an a foundational series for staff working on digital inclusion projects.  The module covers the concepts of privacy and security.

    Course Length: 10mins

    This initiative is designed to provide continuing education for library staff, an opportunity to earn CEU’s when attending the Libraries Nourish trainings (either live or recorded sessions), and to create a county-wide library advocacy tool, to use when promoting your library.

    Recorded October 21, 2022

    Libraries Nourish Training: Hunger Solutions NY (SNAP and WIC).  This presentation was recorded April 14, 2022.

    Libraries Nourish Training: Veterans Programs and Services.  This presentation was recorded November 17, 2020.

    Libraries Nourish Training: Mental Health Resources and Services in Suffolk County.  This presentation was recorded January 12, 2021.

    Libraries Nourish Training: Public Libraries and the Benefits of Community Partnerships.  This presentation was recorded January 21, 2021.

    Libraries Nourish Training: Evidence-Based Health Resources for Public Librarians. This presentation was recorded February 4, 2021.

    Libraries Nourish Training: National Library Service Talking Book Program. This presentation was recorded March 11, 2021.

    Libraries Nourish Training: Suffolk County Department of Labor Resources and Programs.  This presentation was recorded March 25, 2021.

    Libraries Nourish Training: Cornell Cooperative Extension Nutrition Resources re-recorded 4-20-2021. Original presentation April 8, 2021.

    Libraries Nourish Training: Health and Welfare Council of Long Island. This presentation was recorded April 22, 2021.

    Libraries Nourish Training: Accessible Library Services. This presentation was recorded May 13, 2021.

    Libraries Nourish Training:  Long Island Against Domestic Violence. This presentation was recorded June 17, 2021. 

    Libraries Nourish Training: Recognize the Signs of Human Trafficking.  This presentation was recorded January 27, 2022.

    Libraries Nourish Training: S.A.V.E. Veteran Suicide Prevention. This presentation was recorded March 10, 2022.

    Libraries Nourish Training: Understanding and Responding to Dementia-Related Behaviors. This presentation was recorded May 19, 2022.

    Libraries Nourish Training: Nassau/Suffolk Law Services.  This presentation was recorded June 16, 2022.

    Libraries Nourish Training: PSEGLI Programs and Services for Customers in Need.  This presentation was recorded October 13, 2022. Programs and Services cover 2022/2023

    This recording is intended as information for the public libraries of Long Island only; distribution of any kind outside of the Long Island public libraries must be with permission only with the intended purpose stated in a request sent to Dr. Lisa Benz